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The Overall Shape Is Elegant And Modern.

As a furniture company with our own factory, Yosen makes it easy to create a office that's comfortable, unique and modern so as to make the staffs feel like at home and improve working efficiency. For years, we have dedicated to the development of high-quality and original products. And our serious attention and assistance to our customers has made us an top office furniture provider. 
Integrating soft milk coffee and off white colors together with yellow oak wood grain, our roya series adopts light industrial style to show our elegant and modern products. 

The use of friendly particle board and imported decorative paper enable our products to be more wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, while at the same time we also cooperate brand-name hardware accessories suppliers. 

Technical Details
The office workstation desktop is sealed with a 45-degree bevel, and it is made of diamond-shaped beveled cloth and a combination of steel functional collection boxes together with a wall thickness of 3mm, which greatly shows the trend of individuality.

Our products are user-friendly and ergonomic, the office workstation desktop is equipped with functional sockets and all card positions can be extended infinitely. More importantly, the main box of the auxiliary cabinet is allocated with a diamond-shaped exhaust fan to discharge the heat of the computer host. While the light on the main box is  designed to protect the eyes. All of which assist individual & team spaces and create a harmonious atmosphere

When choosing an office workstation, several factors need to be taken into considerations, for example, the size of the space, the number of the users and even the style of the office. And if you want to learn more of Yosen's products, please download the Roya series catalogue.

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All Roya series Products
Through the integration of people-oriented design concep, simple style, exquisite technology and environmentally friendly materials, our products show a style of vivid colours and elegant form. And our Roya series covers a variety of products. Roya Series Office furniture Products include Office Boss Table, Office Workstation, Conference Table and the File Cabinet.

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Soft cream coffee and off white color, with yellow oak wood grain, the steel frame design of the ramp bridge at the foot of the platform, adopts light industrial style, and the overall shape is elegant and modern.
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We're open to suggestions and very cooperative in discussing office furniture solutions and ideas. Your project will be taken care of greatly.
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It is a creative office furniture enterprise with innovation, research and development as the guide and integration of scientific manufacturing, marketing and service as the core.
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People-oriented design concept, Simple style, exquisite technology,bold, creative environmental protection materials, deduce elegant and free from vulgarity of fashion furniture.
Yousen's independently designed, researched, developed and produced products include: various boss tables, office desks, reception desks, planter cabinets, conference tables, filing cabinets, tea tables, negotiation tables, etc.
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People-oriented design concept, Simple style, exquisite technology,bold, creative environmental protection materials, deduce elegant and free from vulgarity of fashion furniture.
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