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Yousen is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of premium office furniture, dedicated to creating cohesive and flexible workplaces. The Romei Office Workstation Series is a testament to Yousen's commitment to quality, innovation, and style, offering an exceptional range of functional and aesthetically pleasing workstations. With services such as customized service, wholesale, and support for engineering projects, Yousen is the ideal partner for businesses seeking top-notch office furniture solutions.


Product Advantages


Widened Counter Top: The Romei Office Workstation Series features a widened counter top, measuring 1.4 meters, providing ample space for employees to work comfortably and efficiently. This thoughtful design ensures that users have sufficient room to manage their tasks and store essential items.


Versatile Product Range: The Romei Series boasts a total of 16 products, offering a diverse selection to cater to various workplace needs. The series is characterized by its off-white color scheme, complemented by titanium cloth grain accents and inspired by the iconic Hermes orange.


Diamond-Shaped Exhaust Fan: To enhance the functionality of the workstations, the main office workstation frame of the card position sub-cabinet is equipped with a diamond-shaped exhaust fan. This innovative feature ensures that the workstations remain well-ventilated, contributing to a comfortable and productive working environment.


Wireless Charging Switch and Combination Lock: The Romei Office Workstation Series is designed with the modern user in mind, featuring a wireless charging switch for added convenience. Additionally, each drawer is equipped with a combination lock, ensuring the protection of personal privacy and the security of valuable items.


Creating a Cohesive and Flexible Workplace with Yousen


Yousen's vision to create a cohesive and flexible workplace is exemplified by the Romei Office Workstation Series. Combining innovative features, stylish design, and top-quality materials, the series offers an unparalleled office furniture solution. With a range of services, including customization, wholesale, and support for engineering projects, Yousen caters to the unique needs of its clients, guaranteeing satisfaction and success.


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